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Sí a la Ciclovía


2017. Ongoing.


Branding, digital, web, print, +.


Inclusive infrastructure is not always popular. In 2017 a group of neighbors tried to stop the construction of a bike path on a 6-lane road by calling for a referendum. Years of slow but steady improvement in street conditions for cyclists were at risk again since losing would make every local politician cower away from building the needed infrastructure. Cyclist collectives started mounting a massive mobilization to win the referendum.

In collaboration with Edgar Seis and Sergio Baldit, a campaign was created focused on the positive things that happen when a city is built for everyone. Sí a la Ciclovía was imagined from the beginning as a permanent and reusable campaign, ready to use regardless of when, where, or by whom.

The referendum was won by a landslide and since then Sí a la Ciclovía has been used to defend three other infrastructure projects in Guadalajara, and three more in other cities of México.