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A glimpse of what you have made possible

New Story supporters,

You back our mission because you believe in doing things differently to reach the world’s most vulnerable families. Halfway through 2022, I am most proud of our progress in creating a financially sustainable path to homeownership. As an entrepreneurial team, these last six months have been exhilarating as we continue to see the extraordinary potential of this model’s impact. 

As excited as we are, creating a financially sustainable path to homeownership for vulnerable families is incredibly challenging work. So, we are focused on getting better before we get bigger. We’re choosing to slow down new projects in order to get the architecture — pun intended — right for the financially sustainable model we want to scale in 2023 and beyond. 

Thank you for enabling us to finance and build housing differently. I can’t wait for you to see the results and life-changing stories you make possible. 

With gratitude,

families in El Salvador moved into new homes 

One hundred and sixty six families moved into new homes this quarter, and we started building 360 more homes across Mexico and El Salvador.

families in Puebla are on track to buy their land

In Puebla, Mexico, we’ve secured property to build two communities and have 220 families contracted to buy their land and homes on mortgage terms ranging from 10-30 years depending on the family’s desire and income.

new self-financed homes in Jalisco

We started partnerships with a housing developer and a local credit union in Jalisco, Mexico, to start construction on the first community of nearly 250 homes that does not require philanthropy.

Ocuituco, México

Our team recently visited Ocuituco, Mexico to see the growth of this 85-home community. 

An earthquake in 2017 displaced most of these families, destroying their homes and forcing them to survive in ruins with tents and dirt floors. 

Today, families are thriving in their new homes and starting businesses to sustain their community. Our personal favorites are an ice cream shop and a luchador mask maker. 

Check out this video of our team visiting Ocuituco.

Measuring the impact that your generous support has made possible



Increase in median household income

We saw a 63% increase in median household income. Prior to move-in, the median household income was 100 USD per month, or $2,000 MXN.


Water and sanitation access

Only 14% of families in the Mexico communities we served had access to consistent and clean water. After the move-in, the remaining 86% gained access to consistent and clean water services.


Increase in feeling safe

From the head of households surveyed, 35% saw increase in feeling safe in their communities As a result, sleep quality and satisfaction also increased of up to 26%.

El Salvador

USD increase in monthly income

Within a year of moving into their new homes, families in these communities had a median household monthly income of $230. Over half the families reported that their source of income relied on daily wages and inconsistent sources of income.


Decrease in families with health issues

Within a year of moving into their new homes, families in these communities saw a 28% decrease in the incidence of health issues per family decreasing from 83% of families reporting at least one family member with a chronic health issue to 60% of families reporting a family member with a chronic health condition.


Now have concrete floors

Dirt floors are highly unsanitary and impossible to clean because a dirt floor is just dirt. A 2007 World Bank study found that replacing dirt floors with concrete floors led to reduction in anemia, parasitic infections, and diarrhea while improving cognitive development and quality of life.

One life you changed


El Espino, El Salvador

For three years, Rosibel lived in a galvanized metal home on a street median with her husband and four children. Rain washed through the holes of their makeshift home and ruined the few belongings they had — including her supplies for her tamale business.

Then, she and her family moved into a new home and everything changed.

“I was so happy when we received our keys. Those three years on the street were hard with the constant rain. We kept pushing forward until the day we got our keys. Everything changed. We feel a lot safer. We don’t even know when it’s raining.”

Rosibel decorated her house with plants and pictures and is renting a commercial kitchen for her tamale business. She dreams of owning her own tamale business.

See our vision in action

Vision Trips are the most compelling way to see the work you make possible. You’ll join other impact-driven leaders to visit communities in Mexico or El Salvador, where you’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour of our work and meet families you’re empowering.

“I am grateful I had the opportunity to visit El Salvador with the New Story team. We met residents of the communities, construction superintendents who are building the communities, local leaders, and skills-training partners.”


“This was not a trip that made me feel bad for the residents, was not overly emotional, and there was no salesmanship. It was a trip that gave me confidence New Story’s team is competent, solid people who are taking the right actions to help hard-working people who live in a developing country set a foundation to thrive in a sustainable way.”

“Going to El Salvador with the New Story team gave me an even deeper conviction that this is an organization that I will continue to support and be involved in.”

Joe Ventura,

a New Story Builder

Thank you for helping us bring safe housing to families who need it most!